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About AMT

The journal “Arzneimitteltherapie” (drug therapy) is a medical practice/review journal providing timely information about drug therapy for practicing physicians and specialists.

Historically, the journal (first published 1983) was intended to inform board members in hospitals about drug therapy. Today Arzneimitteltherapie is appreciated by a wide readership (about 12,000) for its independent information about novel developments and original papers. The articles primarily cover the field of internal medicine, but special issues also deal with other disciplines.

In addition to reviews, “Arzneimitteltherapie” includes comprehensive information about every newly approved medication, change of indication and safety issues. The journal provides editorials and commentaries on international conferences and guidelines.

The journal is funded by subscriptions and advertisement. Ads are always placed on a separate page and never on one containing editorial content.

The publishing group exists for more than 150 years (1861) and is still led by members of the initial family.

If you consider publishing an article in the “Arzneimitteltherapie”, please send your manuscript to

Authors have to declare potential conflicts of interest using a form, especially regarding pharmaceutical companies. Publication language is German. All reviews include an English abstract.

The editors will initiate a peer-review process, you will be guided through by our copy-editors. There are minor or major revisions. A major revision results in one additional review. After a failed second revision the manuscript may be rejected. The manuscript will be rejected immediately, if its independence is in doubt. The editors may request an external review. External reviewers stay anonymous.

The journal supports adherence to ethical guidelines for study conduct (e. g. Council of Science Editors). Please refer to the editors for further information.

Our German authors will find more information in the author guidelines. Please feel free to address